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2/14/2019: UPDATES

*LIMITED VDAY NOAH & NEAR SET* Includes holographic card holder, signed postcard, card sticker only available on Tictail! I always wanted to do a limited Vday set but never finished things on time, this year I'm finally able to!

2/8/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* IIDX Brogamer hoodie available for limited stock on Tictail, released on conconbyemu! Orders on Tictail will ship 3 weeks after order date, orders on conconbyemu will ship immediately.
*NEW* Taiko, Rinon, Dark Rinon, and FGO Okita & Nobu now available in women V-neck designs on conconbyemu! I got a few requests for these a while back I am finally able to release them now! Links for V-necks: Taiko | FGO Okita & Nobu | DDR Rinon | DDR Dark Rinon

2/2/2019: UPDATES

*FGO Charms - Kiyohime, Shuten, BB, Abigail & Musashi has been added online!
*Bemani Rhythm Game Charms have been separated into: IIDX, SDVX, MISC listings
*Maxima, Iroha, Brogamer, On the FM "Hearty", SigSig added!
*Bemani Mascot Charms product images have been updated
*DDR EA CARD STICKERS - DDR 20th Anniversary added

1/31/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* RHYTHM GAME SCRUNCHIES are now available for PREORDER starting from 1/31 to 2/14! Velvet scrunchies made for those who want to show off something special as a hair accessory! Initial designs features SDVX Tamaneko, IIDX Smooch, SDVX Tsumabuki, DDR Arrows, & PIU Arrows. More to come if these are popular!

*PIU card stickers - Added PIU XX
*Bemani & Misc Graphic Charms added

1/29/2019: UPDATES

*NEW* Gitadora, Popn' Music, Jubeat, Groove Coaster lanyards added

*All lanyards have been divided to their own category to avoid confusion.

1/25/2019: UPDATES

Big gap between updates but I'm almost done with all my cons so I'm putting up some new items now!
*NEW* FGO Okita & Nobu shirt added & restocked
*NEW* DDR Dark Rinon shirt restocked
*NEW* Taiko no Tatsujin shirt restocked
*NEW* SSSS. Gridman chibi die-cuts added
*NEW* Fate Artoria & Tamamo chibi die-cuts added
*NEW* Okita & Nobu Gudaguda print added
*NEW* Tamamo mini print added
*NEW* Otobear decal added
*NEW* DDR 20th annivesary decal added

*Jubeat decals new color: Metallic Silver
*Pop'n decals: Removed pink, default colors are Red, White, & Blue
Himmel hoodie product photos added
Gitadora hoodie product photos added
Jubeat hoodie product photos added

12/5/2018: UPDATES

*NEW* WRISTBANDS & SWEATBANDS are now released I have received the shipment today and I plan to bring my first batch to Raj! There will be a limited sale on Tictail first, I plan to release more quantity later once I see how much I have left after this weekend~

12/3/2018: UPDATES

Today happyf333tz is featured for #GamingTuesday on Twitch for doing a charity for Save the Children, I will donating 20% proceeds made in my to charity only for today, mention "happyf333tz" in notes during checkout if you want to participate! I will be starting to stream very soon as well most likely this month so trying to get some experience from this. Thank you everyone!

11/23/2018: UPDATES

Here's the discounts:
15% off shirts,hoodies
$3 off card holders, towels, prints
$2 off charms, lanyards, microfiber cloth, vinyl decals, die-cuts, card stickers, ahegao mask
$1 off buttons, mini prints

*Due to Tictail unable to stack discounts everything will still be on sale but discount amount will be in percentage instead of dollars off.*
/Discounts will not show up UNTIL CHECKOUT/
/Shirts may be shipped from me or directly from supplier in case of shortage, you will be notified/
/In case of any shortage on items you will be contacted few days later with a solution/
If there is any mistakes in pricing please let me know and I'll change it ASAP! ENJOY!

11/22/2018: UPDATES

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you guys have a nice day today and eat a lot of delicious food! BLACK FRIDAY CYBER MONDAY SALE 11/23 to 11/26 will happen at 11/23 midnight today! Everything will be on sale and it will last until 11/26!

11/20/2018: UPDATES

*NEW* 20, NOVEMBER SHIRT only available for 24 hours! Today is November 20 so I decided to make a shirt based on the song~ Design is available on both websites, Tictail will ship at a later date than conconbyemu. Shirt may be available next year but it will only be sold on November 20.

11/12/2018: UPDATES

*NEW* Official Discord now launched for concon! Get the latest updates from me, there are also mods that can help with store inquires too! Link is here:

11/5/2018: UPDATES

*NEW* GFDM, JB, CB HIMMEL hoodies added
*NEW* Fate/Grand Order BB mini print added
*NEW* Dancerush Stardom card stickers added
*Store navigation cleanup
*Adjusted stock

10/31/2018: UPDATES

Happy Halloween everyone! I will be releasing hats in the near future but I would like an interest check on which ones people would want first since I can't make so many at once. You can vote here!
Towels have been restocked + new designs such as Tamaneko, IIDX red & blue, and Bemani Sound Team!

10/10/2018: UPDATES

*RHYTHM GAME TOWELS 1ST RELEASE* Available for special preorder price from Oct. 10 to Oct. 15 // 11:59pm PST only on conconbyemu! I want to order a few before making a bunch of designs. Tictail store will restock with them in 1-2 months.

10/5/2018: UPDATES

*BIG SHIRT RESTOCK* added to Tictail store! I added a lot of Smooch, SDVX 4, DDR Note and other popular shirts that was low in quantity for a while. Fate/Grand Order shirts are restocked as well~
*NEW* Toga & Platelet die-cut decals
*NEW* Fate/Grand Order lanyards
*NEW* Groove Coaster Nesica card stickers
*NEW* Miku Hatsune decal
*NEW* Dancerush Stardom decals
*RE-RELEASE* Groove Coaster button set
*Combined women clothing into fewer listings to save space in store

9/8/2018: UPDATES

*NEW* Chibi die-cut decals - Zero Two, Rem, Ram, Shimakaze added
*FATE/GRAND ORDER charms & charms now restocked
*BEMANI & Rhythm game shirts now restocked
More to come in September, stay tuned!

7/22/2018: UPDATES

*NEW* store soft opening for conconbyemu, which will feature my clothing directly from the supplier so if I'm out of stock for anything on Tictail they will all be available on conconbyemu! Everything on conconbyemu will be produced and shipped from the supplier so none of the merch I make myself (i.e. card holders, charms, stickers) will be available there. Shipping for international customers should be cheaper there so it's a good way for out of country customers to purchase on there! Website is still a little buggy, it will be fixed later on, thank you everyone for your support!

7/19/2018: UPDATES

STORE UPDATED - all remainder stock from Anime Expo are now listed online!
*NEW COTTON SHIRTS & DESIGNS ADDED - Grace Dark, Emi. Smooch Dark
*SPORTS MESH SHIRTS ADDED - remainder now available online
*LANYARD ADDED - remainder now available online
*BEMANI & FATE/GRAND ORDER CHARMS - remainder now available online
*FATG/GO MINI PRINTS - new listing, remainder now available online
*NEW DIE-CUT STICKERS ADDED - OVERWATCH Pink Mercy / FATE/GO Jeanne, Jeanne Alter, Astolfo / SDVX Rasis, Grace, Near, Noah, Hiyuki
*NEW CARD STICKERS ADDED - DDR Baby-Lon, SDVX Rasis & Grace -Vday ver.-, IIDX Himmel
*NEW CARD HOLDERS ADDED - PIU Arrows White, Arrows Dark / SDVX Rasis & Grace -Vday ver.-

6/25/2018: UPDATES

**New store theme featuring summer clothes!! Finally updated from fall**
AX TABLE SEAT ANNOUNCED: I'll be at G29 this year for Anime Expo, featuring some new products not released yet in my online store!
BEMANI CHARMS: 8 NEW designs for Bemani charms, Rasis SDVX 4 ended up being a misprint with no double sides so it will be sold for cheaper. I am holding most of my charms for Anime Expo so online sale is limited.
BEMANI LANYARDS: NEW release for Bemani lanyards they are new designs with graphics compared to my previous generation ones! Designs include DDR, IIDX, SDVX and PIU. I am holding most of my lanyards for Anime Expo so online sale is limited.

More updates to come including shirt pick up form releasing within a few days! Stay tuned!!

5/27/2018: UPDATES

SDVX KANADE SHIRT final version is now available! This shirt along with the other 3 illustration designs will be available until 5/31. All other designs has been sent for production and I'm waiting for it to arrive~ I will now focus on shipping out things and start drawing my charms for AX.

5/19/2018: UPDATES

DDR BABY-LON SHIRT final version is now available! I really like the color aqua so I wanted to draw him in the Extreme outfit. Shirt will be available until all illustration designs are finished and then I'll submit everything at the end for production~

5/16/2018: UPDATES

IIDX CANNONBALLERS SHIRT featuring Himmel final version is now available! Shirt will be available until all illustration designs are finished and then I'll submit everything at the end for production~

5/12/2018: UPDATES

Preorders are now over only available shirts that are up will be the new illustration designs. I will still be working and releasing them for this batch. All other preorder items have now been orderd and will be arriving around June.

5/9/2018: UPDATES

Few updates! Please read: Notice about preorder, coming months and News about remainder illustration designs

5/2/2018: UPDATES

POP'N MUSIC shirts are now available featuring an orange and blue version. I tried to add the game's cuteness into the design~ They're available now until 5/11!

4/27/2018: UPDATES

JUBEAT shirts are now available featuring a graphic look and Prop's theme. They're available now until 5/11!

4/25/2018: UPDATES

PREORDER IS NOW EXTENDED TO 5/11, this will allow me to have more time to refine the other designs. Cross Time from Pump it Up is released!

4/14/2018: UPDATES

PREORDER BATCH #9 is now live from 4/14 to 4/27 11:59pm PST!! New illustration designs features Cannonballers Poster-chan, Babylon, Cross Time and Kanade! New item release features tanktops, good for playing dancing games in. Designs include PIU and DDR Arrows. New hoodie designs feature Smooooch and Pump it Up, limited stock for those! New graphic tee designs with Pop'n and Jubeat set to release this preorder as well. Designs will be releasing during the preorder batch~

3/16/2017: UPDATES

BEMANI POSTER PRINTS now available! These are a few prints from shirt designs that I turned into 11 x 17 prints. More will be coming in the future. More updates coming soon~

3/14/2017: UPDATES

I will be attending The Big Deal 2: Electric Boogaloo next week and will be offering free pick up for my merch if you order online within 3/14 - 3/21! Order period will be live until night of 3/21 then I will finalize everything. New items scheduled to release during time, store will be updating within the week. See you guys there!
Event Page: link

2/8/2017: UPDATES

Preorders and conventions have ended now store will resume normal hours! Shirt listings have been updated with photos. More updates coming soon, for those who have ordered during 8.5 the shirts will come around mid-end of February, I will be making a post once they arrive.

1/20/2017: UPDATES

BEMANI HOODIES BATCH #1 starting from 1/20 to 1/26 11:59pm PST!!
*NEW PRODUCT* I made some DDR/IIDX/SDVX/POPN (first product) polyester zipper hoodies! These are made from the same material as the sports mesh shirts so they will be pretty light and not very warm. These may or may not be released again depending on popularity. More information in FB post.

1/17/2017: UPDATES

BEMANI T-SHIRTS BATCH #8.5 starting from 1/17 to 1/23 11:59pm PST
**NEW: MAX 300 and BEMANI SOUND TEAM shirts, inspired by Music Game Hell** Since I don't have enough time to make a full one this is just a small batch for people to get some shirts they missed out on, unfortunately I will not have custom shirts this batch.

12/23/2017: UPDATES

ACRYLIC CHARM FGO PREORDER UP from Dec. 24-31! I will be getting these early January, there will be a limited stock for online sale because I am planning to bring some to conventions. I will bring them to Anime Impulse and Anime Los Anglges.
NEW DESIGNS: Tamamo no Mae, Tamamo Cat, Mashu, Astolfo

12/23/2017: UPDATES

ACRYLIC CHARM PREORDER UP from Dec. 23-31! I will be getting these early January, there will be a limited stock for online sale because I am planning to bring some to conventions.
NEW DESIGNS: Lilieze, Maud, Cocona, Natushi, "Lion Suki" Carlos

12/2/2017: UPDATES

Happy December everyone! I am almost done receiving the rest of my orders, and will be shipping out as much as I can for everyone. Please be patient with me as I need to also meet my charm deadline by the 10th. Once I'm done with that I'll focus on shipping the remaining orders left.

11/19/2017: UPDATES

Store is now back online with adjustments everything will go back to schedule soon! As for preorders most likely they'll arrive early-mid December so I'll be working hard to get everything out ASAP for everyone to enjoy it during holidays~ More updates coming up soon, thanks everyone!

11/13/2017: UPDATES

IIDX On the FM shirt available now in stores! Preorders will end 11/14 11:59pm PST.

11/9/2017: UPDATES

DDR Emi shirt available now, as well as custom DARK DDR shirts. Cotton batch is now released with selected designs.

11/4/2017: UPDATES

I'll be making some cotton shirts this batch since a lot of people would like that option so please vote for your favorite designs here. Only 2 per category will be selected as winners! Good luck~

10/31/2017: UPDATES

Happy Halloween everyone! BATCH #8 is now live! 3 new illustrations featuring Grace, On the FM and Emi. Dark series is now available for this batch, these will not be available normally! More updates coming soon, thanks a lot everyone!

10/24/2017: UPDATES

NEW PRODUCTS ADDED! Featuring Smooooch, BroGamer, DDR Extreme, DDR Ace, IIDX 1P/2P card holders. NEW DECALS added with new color schemes and designs. REMAINING ACRYLIC CHARMS are listed now, getting rid of these left overs and I'm planning to make a new batch soon!

10/9/2017: UPDATES

Shipment is almost done store will be stocking on shirts very soon. New products will be added within this week. Thank you everyone!

9/20/2017: UPDATES

FATE/GRAND ORDER CHIBI SHIRT available for preorders from 9/20 to 9/26 11:59PM PST!! First time making FGO shirt, not sure how many copies I'll get in stock for the future. May be a limited run!

9/6/2017: UPDATES

Preorder batch #7 is now over thank you for everyone that have ordered! Store has adjusted quantity for shirts, once I receive my order listings will be updated with extra shirts I got during the batch.

8/22/2017: UPDATES

PREORDER BATCH #7 is now live from 8/22 to 9/5 11:59pm PST!! New designs will feature Brogamer, Smooooch and Rinon. More may be released during this time period. All shirts are now available for preordering!

7/30/2017: UPDATES

Thank you for everyone's patience and support during AX! Store has been closed briefly for Japan trip, once I come back around 8/3 store will be revamped with new banners and items will be restocked! Unfortunately it is difficult for me to update UI and graphics during my trip so everything will be done afterwards. I will be updating store images and changing up some things for a new look for the coming Fall. New items released during AX will be added to my online store, please check it out mid August for a new look!

6/26/2017: UPDATES

AX is this weekend! I will see you guys there, whatever I don't sell during AX will be available online.
SIZE CHART UPDATE- New size chart for my shirts, this one is more details as well.
ADDED LOCAL PICKUP - Now during checkout there will be a SoCal Local Pickup option for anyone who's located around me that wants to get the products directly from me~ Option out now!

6/16/2017: UPDATES

STORE BANNER UPDATES - Banner images changed to reflect on upcoming AX! More charms and buttons coming your way. Shipping will now be slightly delayed due to con preparation but I will still ship out weekly. New shirts will get updated photos soon. Availablity may come soon~ More updates to come, stay tuned!

5/29/2017: UPDATES

I will be shipping everything in the first half of the preorders within this week, and will be waiting for the second half to come. AX is coming soon so I will be planning that soon. Con season is coming!

5/20/2017: UPDATES

PREORDERS EXTENDED to 5/21 11:59PM PST, SDVX KAC shirts are finally released! NEW DDR Rainbow and Note themed shirts available as well!! Thank you everyone for waiting~

5/6/2017: UPDATES

BEATMANIA IIDX - Final Sinobuz design up! Made some color changes and edits hope it's okay~ SDVX KAC coming this week!!

4/30/2017: UPDATES

PREORDERS EXTENDED to 5/20 11:59pm PST now!! NEW Sinobuz and 1p/2p shirts are now available in stores for preordering. Sinobuz drawing subject to slight change in final product. Lilin and Heaven will release after this~

4/20/2017: UPDATES

BEMANI T-SHIRTS BATCH #6 starting from 4/20 to 5/2 11:59pm PST - New designs will be coming out soon as well! Custom shirts now available for a limited quantity.

4/1/2017: UPDATES

Charms Update! Restocked on SDVX 3 Rasis for Bemani, new Fate/Grand Order charms featuring Jeanne Alter, Artoria Alter and Mordred. More close up charm photos added to listings as well.

3/25/2017: UPDATES

New card holders available featuring Jubeat, Reflec Beat and Groove Coaster! Card holders will now come with a matching accent color on the top to reinforce the plastic more. Will add that onto older card holders as well.

3/17/2017: UPDATES

GRAB BAG SPECIAL - Promotion features Buy 2 get 1 Free with increased value up to $25! This sale will continue until I run out of stock, trying to make room for new things in the future~

3/8/2017: UPDATES

Updated store banner and carousel images, will slowly add more things into store. Anime & Games section added to store. Fate/Grand Order charms are available as well.

3/2/2017: UPDATES

Merging Storenvy products into my main Tictail store, I'll be adding new navigation sections for the anime products. New product photos for shirts coming up soon as well!

2/2/2017: UPDATES

All shirt orders have been shipped and store and back to normal schedule for shipping. Thank you for everyone's patience it means a lot to me. Preorders tend to take a while but I'll be working on shipping normal items normally. Store will be readjusted to normal.

1/17/2017: UPDATES

All charms & keychains are on clearance sale until 1/31!! Making room for new products in the coming months. New charms in the future will be 2.5" and 2" in size!

1/1/2017: UPDATES

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Happy New Years! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Store will be going back to normal, preparing for Magfest 2017 and Anime Impulse 2017 very soon. Shirts have been submitted to production as well!

12/25/2016: UPDATES

New releases in Batch #5 - SDVX II/III/IV themed shirts, SDVX Rasis & Grace KFC Edition, and IIDX controllers shirts.

12/14/2016: UPDATES

Bemani Shirts Batch #5 UP! Preorders will start from 12/14-12/31 12:00am PST. Customers who want to order XL+ sizes there is a new listing specifically for those orders. Please read FAQs before ordering to lessen confusion. More information out soon!

12/08/2016: UPDATES

Storenvy storefront now open, store will mainly feature merch sold at the anime conventions I'm going to. Some items will appear in both stores, however Storenvy will be updated mainly during con seasons. More images and products coming soon!

11/29/2016: UPDATES

Sale has closed, thank you for everyone that participated. Store going back to normal, will be updated with new listings and photos periodically. New surprises for December will be announced eventually.

11/25/2016: UPDATES

CYBER MONDAY SALE will happen 11.28 @ 12pm-12am!! It'll be my first big sale ever, everything in the store will be discounted! Store will go on maint at 11:30am 30 minutes before the sale so I can prepare everything.

11/21/2016: UPDATES

GRAND OPENING! Store will be constantly updated, will add new products whenever I can. New photos coming soon, more information will be added. Shipping will now all be flat rate.

11/10/2016: UPDATES

Store getting ready to move to Tictail. Making changes and updates.



☆ Available on conconbyemu ☆
• From Dance Dance Revolution
• Made from sports-mesh like, high quality polyester
• Hand/machine wash in cold water inside out
• Comes in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL
• For SoCal local pickup, please choose shipping option and PM me for details.
• Shirt Size Chart
35 USD
This product is out of stock